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In this section you can see a selection of art photographs by Romano Serafini.
The artists Marco Victor Romano and Germano Serafini have been working in the photographic field for years. They use this medium as a pure creative expression, for the realization of contemporary artworks.
For the production of art photographs they use both analogical techniques (35mm film, medium format, darkroom, instant photos) and digital techniques (full frame, reflex, mirrorless, scanner). The photographic medium is used to express their contemporary research by combining art, philosophy and science. Photography in this field investigates the multiple aspects of reality expanding the human vision.

Workshop photographic series San Menna – Analogue photography medium format & digital photography, long exposure – 2018
by Romano|Serafini
4100K San Menna luci , _UNA Serie San Menna n°0015

4100K series – Analogue photography medium format, long exposure – 2014/2020
by Germano Serafini
Marche 02, Sicilia 02, Norvegia 01

_UNA series – Digital photography, long exposure – 2012/2020
by Marco Victor Romano
_Una Serie I n° 0008, _Una Serie III n° 0094 , _Una Serie III n° 0060

eroiF (ph) series – Digital photography, multiple exposure – 2012/2014
by Marco Victor Romano
Orchidaceae bianca, Anemone viola, Hydrangea viola

La traccia del tempo – Analogue photography, long exposure – 2020
by Germano Serafini
AL – 1C, L – 1BN, L – 4C

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