contemporary italian artists RomanoSerafini
Their works are the result of the union of art, philosophy and science with the use of analogue and digital technologies.

Starting from the authenticity of nature and man, through an experimental approach of sharing and collaboration, merging spirituality and matter, they create experiential works. They produce interactive spaces, installations, photographic works, painting, holography, video, Arduino programming language, animation, modelling and 3D printing.

Following these processes they conceive personal and commissioned works, from conception to custom design, from prototype to final work. They also produce training courses and workshops aimed at teaching. Their works are produced for cultural institutions and events, academies, museums, agencies and artists. contemporary italian artists RomanoSerafini

ROMANO|SERAFINI duo was born in 2018 from the collaboration between the artists Marco Victor Romano and Germano Serafini.
They work together from the first exhibition event called 24:24 Epiphanìa realized in 2018 at the TREBISONDA Gallery in Perugia (IT)

Marco Victor Romano

Marco Victor Romano is born in Benevento in 1987. During his computer engineering studies, he discovers a strong passion for visual arts, and in 2009 he enters the Fine Arts Academy of Naples. In 2014 he gets a scholarship at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig (Germany). He obtains a bachelor’s degree with honors in Scenic Design at the Fine Arts Academy of Naples, with the dissertation entitled Arteterna. He then obtains a master’s degree with honors in Paintings presenting a dissertation on holography with the title: HolographyA – L’importanza dell’informazione contenuta nell’opera d’arte (The importance of the information contained in the artwork – NdT).

The first artistic researches are characterized by the use of traditional techniques, learning and training fundamental tools. This is the large-scale works period; particularly signi cant is the series dedicated to Icaro, intended as an individual launch in the void experience and the Thalassia cycle, both selected in the rst important personal exhibition, Acquaria (2012), exhibited at the Rocca dei Rettori. A similar joy of motion is transmitted by the series dedicated to rotazione su se stesso (rotation on itself – NdT), like a dancing spinning top, by Dervish Tourner, later taken up in a sequence of frames and become a video. The sequence of frames technique is used for 26 anni (26 years – NdT) too, artwork showing Olympic ski jumper’s trajectory and with which Romano is awarded in the “Arte e Sport” (“Arts and Sport” – NdT) competition for his contribution to the Winter Olympic Games – Sochi, 2014. In the same year, the important personal exhibition: *AILATI, curated by Gerardo de Simone at the Quisisana Palace in Castellammare di Stabia (NA). In December 2014, he exhibited at Madre (Donnaregina Contemporary Art Museum – Naples) being among the nalists in the competition “Show_ Yourself@Madre.” In 2015, his personal exhibition named Congiunzione tempo in nito (Conjunction long term – NdT), held in Dafna Gallery, Naples.
During 2015, Romano continues the personal exhibitions cycle with MICROMACROCOSMI curated by Gerardo de Simone at the Nuvole Volanti Gallery, Castelfal Montaione (FI). In December of the same year the Toscana Resort Castelfal commissions the reLive artwork with which he will take part to the Strive for perfection – A celebration of design & Luxury event, promoted by Rolls-Royce enthusiast’club at the Saatchi Gallery of London.
In 2016 he collaborates with Sky 3D and Magnitudo, creating nine paintings, used for a 3D reconstruction of the Sistine Chapel as it appeared in 1519 in the lm Ra aello, il principe delle arti (Raphael: The Prince of the Arts – NdT). In July, he takes part to his fth artistic residence, “BocsArt Cosenza”.
In 2018 he collaborats again with Sky 3d and Magnitudo, realizing the Trasporto del David a Palazzo Vecchio drawings (currently exhibited in the new Michelangelo Museum – Villa Fabbricotti La Padula in Carrara.) for the movie Michelangelo Infinito.
During his artistic career, Romano rst focuses his research on a rhizomatic development of his imaginative and pictorial abilities, starting from the energetic divisionist and futurist brushstroke and arriving, by extension, at the use of video. However, heterogeneity and combining di erent research elds lead him to resolve his urgency in a new expressive way. As a result, the birth of Romano’s interest in experimenting with the installation medium. Drawing to the avant-gardes of the late twentieth century, Romano focuses its analysis on the space-spectator interaction, creating a pro table philosophical speculation in constant confrontation with the world, sciences and modern thought. The very first daughter of this approach is the series of Olograf e produced over the last year.

Germano Serafini

Germano Serafini was born in Rome in 1975, the city where he lives and works. Photography is his main medium of expression, with which his research goes beyond the representative function of the instrument itself, generating an aesthetic-formal language that conveys concepts, ideas and visions.

Nature in its entirety is the main protagonist of his shots, inspiring and an example to follow. His researches delve into the purity of the unconditional natural order, and stand at the dividing line between the visible and the invisible. 

He mainly works with film in various formats. For black and white he uses the dark room. The photographic matrix is also on the base of his Land Art, installation and performance works.

Permanent collections:
Palazzo Collicola Arti Visive – Spoleto | Museo Provinciale MAM – Cosenza | MAAM – Rome | Casa degli Artisti – Furlo.

Exhibitions in institutional spaces:
Sala del Bramante – Rome | Centre Culturel Saint Louis De France – Rome | Temple University – Rome | MLAC Museo dell’Università La Sapienza – Rome | Fabbrica Borroni – Milan | Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa – Venice | Complesso Monumentale del Belvedere di San Leucio – Caserta | Palazzo Collicola – Spoleto.

He took part in various residencies including BridgeArt in Sicily, BocsArt Cosenza (IT) and NKD – Nordic Artists’ Centre Dale in Norway.

From 2014 to 2020, together with a group of Roman artists, he founded and managed Spazio Y, an experimental exhibition space in the Quadraro district in Rome.

In 2018 he began a collaboration with the artist Marco Victor Romano with the duo Romano|Serafini.


2019 – “Workshop 24:24 Epiphanìa exhibition”
Pinacoteca d’Arte Contemporanea, Vitulano (BN) – Italy

2018 – “24:24 Epiphania
Centro per l’arte contemporanea Trebisonda, Perugia – Italy


2020 – Artistic composition and reflected space
Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli – Italia
The workshop aims to design an artistic concept on the theme of refraction and reflection, to be developed on a personal, emotional and practical levels.

2020 – Techniques of interaction with space
Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli – Italia
The techniques of interaction with the space consist in the methods of combining data, concepts, tools and all the information that contribute to making art and in our case to making art in a place.

2019 – Ephipania 24:24 workshop
Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli – Italia
The workshop aims to teach new technologies in the visual arts. The name of the workshop is inspired by the bipersonal exhibition Ephipania 24:24 by Romano|Serafini.


2019 – Ansa Viaggi Art
Insieme in montagna, l’esperienza è arte

2019 – Il Segnonline di Maila Buglioni
“Romano|Serafini 24:24 Epiphanìa”
contemporary italian artists RomanoSerafini


Romano|Serafini 24:24 Epiphaìa
Artist’s book realized on the occasion of the exhibition with the same title.
Text edited by Giovanna Calabrese.
Edition of 48, signed and numbered copies
84 pages, wooden cover, led, 3D printing, passion

Catalogue on sale