Visual Arts Courses

“Trottola di Felicità” by Marco Victor Romano

Visual arts courses in painting include oil, acrylic, drawing (charcoal, sanguine, sepia, oil pastels, silverpoint, pen and ink), watercolour, graphics, 3D modelling, installation techniques.

These courses are to be considered as higher education and are divided into various levels (from beginner to professional).

The visual arts courses in painting are run by the artist Marco Victor Romano, who has been teaching visual arts since 2012 in both individual and group courses, in collaboration with public and private organisation such as cultural associations, companies and the Academy of Fine Arts (below you can view a selection of the workshops at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples).
The high artistic training courses are based on methodologies acquired through years of research in the pedagogical field, structuring a unique method for each student. The aim of these courses is to develop the student’s artistic personality.

Courses are divided into group and individual courses.

Group courses

For the group courses, the lessons take place at fixed times, the meetings consist of 2 days per week, each of 2 hours.
The group lessons consist of general theory lessons while the practical part will be structured on the individual.
This allows a gradual personal growth according to one’s own aspirations, sharing the learning moments with other individuals.

Individual courses

In the one-to-one course the focus is on the individual, the theoretical lessons are tailored to personal needs and requirements. The workshop activity is constantly monitored by being alone with the teacher and the whole schedule of meetings and studies is adjusted according to the objectives to be achieved.

Each group or individual course has as its annual objective to prepare the student for a group or individual exhibition event.

For further information and course details, please write to: (indicating Name, Surname, telephone number, email and course title).
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