Workshop basics drawing

Workshop the basics of drawing by Marco Victor Romano
both ONLINE and face-to-face (28 hours)

The workshop the basics of drawing provides the fundamental knowledge of the discipline of drawing, with the aim of teaching how to reproduce a subject chosen from life or from a two-dimensional image and begin to master the techniques of charcoal, pen, sanguine, sepia, silver point. Lesson after lesson, the student will be accompanied to the understanding and discovery of this fundamental visual discipline, thanks to a method able to ensure the ability to begin to study and reproduce every subject thought and imagined.


Introduction to drawing
Knowledge of tools
Principles of construction method in two-dimensional drawing
Comparison with Great Artists
Lines of construction and composition
Understanding space
Light and dark and its figurative rules
Principles of construction method in life drawing
Composition and Inspiration

(the workshop starts with a minimum of 5 participants)

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