24:24 Epiphanìa exhibition


24:24 Epiphanìa
by Romano|Serafini
Contemporary Art Centre Trebisonda
Via Donato Bramante 26 – Perugia (IT)
15 Dicember – 13 January 2018

On 15 December 2018, at 18:18, the Contemporary Art Centre Trebisonda in Perugia – has hosted the exhibition 24:24 Epiphanìa by the artistic duo Romano|Serafini, for the cycle “Doppio Sogno”.

The works presented for this event are installations born from the confrontation between the two artists Marco Victor Romano and Germano Serafini, following the experiences lived during a three-day retreat, on the occasion of the Moon eclipse on 27 July, which took place on Pentime Mount (1168 m a.s.l.) – part of the Taburno Camposauro massif, also known as the “Dormiente del Sannio” – near Vitulano in the province of Benevento, on which a hermit called San Menna is said to have lived.

The artists have chosen this place, full of spiritual “aura” and far from the light pollution of the city, to better observe the event of the total eclipse of the Moon and to discuss the ideas behind this project.

Light is therefore the subject investigated in the 8 interactive installations, created using various techniques.

To welcome the observer, in a specially designed itinerary, there are two personal works by the authors who have been studying this subject separately for some time:

4100K Norvegia 01 by Germano Serafini, a photograph from the series realized in analogue using moonlight, in which the study of colours and territory generate surreal landscapes.

The Hologram entitled L’informazione contenuta nell’opera d’arte by Marco Victor Romano – made with the technique developed by Dennis Gabor in 1971 and with which he won the Nobel prize for physics – records the entire information of light (phase, amplitude and intensity) recreating a two-dimensional object capable of rendering the three-dimensionality of holographic matter.

The exhibition continues with the other site specific four-handed installations, produced with Arduino systems to make them interactive, video projections and audio recordings.

The light in these installations proposed by Romano|Serafini is investigated as matter and energy.
Light is an instrument, technique and symbol that shines, reveals and disclose the Epiphanìa (manifestation) narrated by the artists. A truth that speaks of man, of his mystery, of the sacred, of life.

Epiphanìa is also the birth of the Roman|Serafini duo.
“Came into the world the true light, the one that illuminates every man”. Gv 1.9
“First nothing, then unity. From chaos to order. Then man…”. G.S.

The exhibition include a limited edition catalogue with a text by Giovanna Calabrese.

Contemporary Art Centre Trebisonda
Via Donato Bramante 26 – Perugia (IT)
15 Dicember – 13 January 2018