4100 K Norvegia 01 – L’informazione contenuta nell’opera d’arte EN

Artworks: 4100K Norvegia 01 by Germano Serafini and L’informazione contenuta nell’opera d’arte by Marco Victor Romano.
View of the exhibition 24:24 Epiphanìa

“When we enter the building, it is not the light we have just seen that welcomes us, but a twilight environment that denies our expectations.
As individual declarations of intent, two single artworks 4100K Norvegia 01 by Serafini and L’informazione contenuta nell’opera d’arte by Romano open the path: a photograph in analogue and a hologram that tell of two different and new ways of extrapolating data from a light source.

One remains disorientated and incredulous in front of the lively and multiple chromaticity of Germano Serafini’s photogram, made exclusively with exposure to moonlight. 4100K is the light of the Moon temperature, candidly monochromatic for the terrestrial eye, however, in mechanics, not dissimilar to that of the visible range. And it is appreciated in Serafini’s frame, the colours are diffused, new characteristics of lunar illumination arise. Thanks to the long exposure Serafini presents us a terrestrial landscape like any other, a real and possible hallucination in which water flows softly like a veil, clouds spread like a semi-dense aura and stars are comets. Time, light and space merge together revealing another world, closed to human sight but not to his consciousness.

The compressed tridimesionality but totally usable of the hologram on Marco Victor Romano’s two-dimensional little plate is astonishing. His is a support overexposed to the light source and in the space of 12 square centimeters an entire alveolar system in 3D is visible, including the wasp. Is forbidden in front of this artwork, a hybrid of dimensional scales that simulates a passage, a window open on another space. Romano goes beyond suggestion, just going to skip over over the pathos of representation, pulls himself out of the redundant circuit of speculation on the known data and focuses his investigation on the sensitive data in its essence: energy. Reality is an entropic system of energy crystallized in infinite forms, investigating its true raison d’être, energy, it is possible to land at new informations.

by Giovanna Calabrese
extract from the text of the artist’s catalogue 24:24 Epiphanìa

4100 K Norvegia 01 by Germano Serafini – Fine Art print on cotton paper – 50×50 cm – 2018 Ed. di 7 + 2 AP

L’informazione contenuta nell’opera d’arte by Marco Victor Romano – hologram, drawing, pigment, mould, wood, led light – 10X35X6 (cm) – 2017

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