Advanced training courses in the Visual Arts

by Romano|Serafini

The advanced training courses in the Visual Arts are aimed at those who wish to develop their talent and professionalism in the artistic field, starting from the expansion of their knowledge of their own medium of expression and its possible applications with a direct and transversal approach to creativity.

The advanced training courses in the Visual Arts are led by artists Marco Victor Romano and Germano Serafini, who have been teaching for years in workshops and courses, both in collaboration and as individuals, for private people, institutions, such as cultural associations, companies and academies (a selection of workshops at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples can be seen here).

The topics covered in the course are painting, drawing, watercolour, analogue photography and darkroom, digital photography, video, holography, animation, 3D modelling and printing, creation of installations, interactive spaces with Arduino technology.

The course includes:

  • Theoretical and practical lessons with a constant involvement of the students with targeted approaches according to the puculiarities of each individual, who will have the possibility to choose specific topics to be investigated.
  • A professional preparation to make the student independent in order to pursue his or her own path in the world of Visual Arts.
  • In addition to specific training in one or more media, there is also preparation on how to approach the world of Art: how to select and implement one’s own work in order to create a complete “series” or “collection”, which paths to follow according to the potential of one’s own work, action strategies, galleries, professionals, specialised magazines, competitions, residencies.

Courses are divided into group and individual classes.

Group courses

For group courses (min. 5 max. 10 students) the lesson takes place at fixed times, the meetings consist of 2 days a week, each of 2 hours. The general theory lessons will concern the whole group, while the practical part will be structured on the individual student and shared with the others.

Individual courses

In the one-to-one course the focus is on the individual, both theoretical and practical lessons are tailored to the student’s needs and requirements. The workshop activity is constantly monitored by being alone with the teachers and the whole plan of meetings and studies is adjusted according to the objectives to be reached.

Each group or individual course has the semester/year objective of preparing the student for a group or individual exhibition event.

For further information and course details write to: (indicating Name, Surname, telephone number, email and course title.