24:24 Epiphanìa installation by Romano|Serafini. View of the exhibition 24:24 Epiphanìa.

“A long staircase leads to a completely darkened room, the windows are closed with dark panels, the gaze is put under check. Nothing is allowed to be seen. Space and body are now in the same condition: darkness destroys limits, it breaks barriers. It’s the artists’ admonishment, to undress themselves of conjecture to prepare for the next vision.
And here it Is.
Without any warning, the darkness is interrupted by lateral flashes for a few seconds: they are revelations that become clearer, intense and illuminating. A metallic noise similar to an old camera film accompanies the action that illuminates the installation at three different times in separate sequences.
At first a spot light points a golden rain of sunflower seeds, thick and bright. it’s the celebration of birth, of the germ of prolific life. Then it is the turn of a sunflower that shamelessly showing its corolla. It represents the individual with its fragile and composite intimacy, strong and precarious in its solitude. Finally a group of sunflowers, placed in a plastic pose on the right side of the visual cone: they represent the group and the power of its union.”

by Giovanna Calabrese
extract from the text of the artist’s catalogue 24:24 Epiphanìa

24:24 Epiphanìa installation – Sunflowers, sunflower seeds, Arduino, light, reflective surface, wood, passion – site specific (h. 3 m x l. 5 m x p. 8 m) – 2018

di Romano|Serafini

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