by Germano Serafini

The Visual Arts courses in photography are aimed at those who want to approach the world of Art with determination, using photography as a means of expression of their creativity.
It is for those who intend to use the photographic tool independently of the representation of reality and to explore it fully in all its possible expressions.

In reality there are all shapes and colours, in the macro and the micro, in the visible and the invisible, and the camera allows us to record everything in the infinity of its nuances. This means that at the compositional level the material of expression is limitless, just like any other form of art. This makes photography a very powerful means of expression, within which it is possible to find aesthetic solutions to interpret one’s own creativity.

These advanced artistic training courses are aimed at both experienced photographers and neophytes who wish to begin their study of photography with a focus on the Visual Arts.

The courses are divided into two levels: beginners and experts and will be structured according to the needs of each individual student based on his or her peculiarities, talent and aspirations.
The aim is to help students develop their artistic personality and critical sense, providing them with the tools to understand how to interpret their ideas and how to put them into practice through photography.

The training will also concern how to enter the world of Visual Arts: how to choose and participate in a competition, how to find suitable galleries/exhibition spaces in line with one’s thinking, the importance of a publication and the historicization of one’s work, how to approach abroad.

The main topics covered in the courses are analogue photography with film and the darkroom, digital photography and post production, the interaction between photography and matter, photography as a form of art and all its declinations.

The courses are conducted by the artist Germano Serafini, who teaches photography and visual arts in courses and workshops both privately and in collaboration with public and private organization such as cultural associations, companies and academies (a selection of the workshops at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples can be viewed below).
The high artistic training courses are based on methods acquired in over 30 years of experience in the world of photography, 15 of which have been dedicated to research in the field of Visual Arts.

Courses are divided into group and individual classes Visual Arts courses in photography

Group courses

For group courses (min. 5 max. 10 students) the lesson takes place at fixed times, the meetings consist of 1 day a week each of 3 hours. The general theory lessons will concern the whole group, while the practical part will be structured on the individual student and shared with the others.
The classes will be divided into beginners and experts.

Individual courses

In the one-to-one course the focus is on the individual, both theory and practical lessons are tailored to the student and respond to his or her needs and requests. The laboratory activity is constantly monitored by being alone with the teacher and the whole plan of meetings and studies is adjusted according to the objectives to be reached.

Each group or individual course has the semester/year objective of preparing the student for a group or individual exhibition event.

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