Workshop – 24:24 Epiphanìa exhibition

This workshop retraces the path that led to the realisation of 24:24 Epiphania exhibition by the duo Romano|Serafini in December 2018 at the Centro D’Arte Contemporanea Trebisonda (Perugia – IT).

The workshop is structured in three phases:

  1. experiental: Monte Pentime residency
  2. practical: at the Fine Arts Academy in Naples
  3. exhibition: at the Civic Gallery of Contemporary Art in Vitulano (BN)

First phase: experiential

Residence on Pentime Mount, near the hermitage of San Menna, together with a selected group of students from the Fine Arts Academy in Naples (Camilla Calandro, Francesca Faiola, Grazia Ferrara, Dani Liu Ania, Giampaolo Sellitto), with the aim of increasing their artistic skills by listening to the surrounding natural reality and through practical and theoretical lessons on artistic instrumentations.
The choice of the mountain is closely linked to the entire creative process relating to the conception of the works for the exhibition 24:24 Epiphania by the Romano|Serafini duo, intended as a real place where “epiphanies” can happen:

  • contact with nature;
  • isolation from everyday life;
  • development of relational skills;
  • collective vision in dialogue and creation;
  • expanding personal horizons;
  • practical and theoretical lessons on artistic instrumentations.

The experience contains the essential ingredients to be able to generate an epiphany in each participants, to be elaborated and discussed in the second phase in the academy.

Useful materials and information for the mountain experience:

  • Appropriate clothing;
  • Tent, one every two/three people;
  • Sleeping bag;
  • Air mattress;
  • Ground cloth;
  • Torch;
  • Pullover/wind jacket;
  • Kleenex/towels;
  • Water (2 litres per person);
  • Food (to be shared);
  • Own cutlery;
  • Personal materials for the workshop (general list):
    • Notebook;
    • Photographic and/or video camera with tripod;
    • Audio recorder;
    • Phone;
    • Charcoal and/or pencils with sheets;

NB. It’s important to bring personal cutlery, containers and water bottles not for single-use.

Second phase: practical

At the Fine Arts Academy in Naples, the students put into practice the most interesting ideas and intuitions they had during their residency, with the aim of creating a collective work. In this phase there was also a discussion on the work alba/tramonto (hammock) created by the duo for the exhibition 24:24 Epiphanìa.

  • Discussion of mountain experience and framing of insights;
  • Vision of the creation process of the artwork alba/tramonto trying to relate it to the plausible new collective work conceived;
  • Lesson on Arduino technology;
  • Night Photography Lesson;
  • Installation construction, with organisational and budget capabilities.

Third phase: setting up the exhibition

Exhibition of the installation realized for the Workshop 24:24 Epiphanìa Exhibition at the Civic Gallery of Contemporary Art, in collaboration with Galleria Casa Turese, in Vitulano (Benevento – IT) from 13 September to 31 January 2019, made with the students of the Fine Arts Academy of Naples (Decoration section) and of the documentation of the experience on Pentime Mount. To maintain the intimacy of the recreated moment in the exhibition, access has been limited to 15 people at a time.
The exhibition is presented with an introductory text by Ilaria Goglia.
Here you can see the event poster and the legend of the exhibition plan.

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