Workshop (online) – Techniques of interaction with space

Created for the Fine Arts Academy of Naples as part of the TTime project (25 May – 6 July 2020)
Co-authors: Paola Redaelli, Marco Victor Romano, Germano Serafini

The techniques of interaction with the space consist in the methods of combining data, concepts, tools and all the information that contribute to making art and in our case to making art in a place. A subjectively and differentially applicable network both for the understanding of the space, and for the composition of the physical and conceptual relations between space and project, and ultimately in the choice of the implementation technique that combined with the tools leads to the finished work.

Working online, we structured two consequential and complementary workshops.

First is develops into four seminar contributions combined with small individual labs. For this purpose, there are three artworks by the author Germano Serafini have been examined and analysed in their entirety, and one co-designs installation with Marco Victor Romano that concludes the seminar cycle. The artworks are also taken as an opportunity to start a methodological debate.

Germano Serafini applies photographic technique in his visual art research, whatever the theme and field of intervention design. He concentrates on shapes and colours of reality combined with a formal balance generated by the careful choice of space, light and point of view.

The work with Marco Victor Romano consists of the presentation of an installation created by the duo for the exhibition taken in Trebisonda gallery (Perugia). A sensorial and perceptive experience that uses the absence of spatial concreteness to induce the disorientation necessary to redefine the visual and emotional dimension of the artwork.

Labs are individual, hands-on exercises that aim to expand students’ creative potential by applying unusual points of view or tools.

Text by Paola Redaelli

Workshop structure

Tools and techniques of compositional language and the sacrifice of representation in the image
Presentation of LAOCOONTE E I SUOI FIGLI project
LAB 1 – composition between image and matter

The image as a concrete space for artistic compositional action
Presentation of MICRO/MACRO project
LAB 2 – realization of the pinhole machine

Technique at the service of the artistic concept as a means of expression
Presentation of INNER NATURE project
LAB 3 – clear room

From the idea to its realisation
Presentation of 24:24 Epiphanìa installation
LAB 4 – cinema room

Conclusion of work and verification of workshop products

Workshop (online) – Tecniche di interazione con lo spazio

LAB 1 – Examples of student exercises

LAB 2 – Examples of student exercises

LAB 3 – Examples of student exercises

LAB 4 – Examples of student exercises

Workshop (online) – Tecniche di interazione con lo spazio

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