Workshop The basics of digital photography

BY Germano Serafini

Photography is the medium par excellence that allows us to bring “a fragment of the present” into the future, giving us the possibility not only to record a particular moment or vision of life but also to leave a testimony of our historical period to the next generations.

General informations

The workshop is aimed at those who feel the desire to start photographing using the digital medium and lay the foundations for being an a conscious photographer, either for personal purposes or to start a path leading to commercial and/or artistic works.

Although photography is now within everyone’s reach, very few people have the ability to manage their photographic equipment, from smartphones to the latest digital cameras. Taking photographs does not only mean knowing how to take a good framing, but also knowing how to manage light, focus, depth of field and everything else you need to be able to make the best choice in each picture, as close as possible to your intentions and needs.

This workshop aims to build a solid foundation for becoming an independent photographer by acquiring self-confidence, competence and developing a vision that goes beyond mere technique. It is the first step towards the free interpretation of reality!

The workshop duration is about two months with weekly lessons.

NB. The workshop will start with a minimum of 5 participants (maximum 10) and is aimed at motivated people with their own equipment.

It is possible to have the workshop privately. In this case it will be structured according to the specific needs of the student, with methods and times to be agreed on. Workshop The basics of digital photography

Mode of action

The workshop is developed to be conducted online and includes theoretical lessons and many practical exercises – to be carried out between lessons individually – in order to accompany the students step by step in the management of their own photographic camera.
Students will be followed individually to developed in each one with specific paths their personal interests.
At the beginning of each lesson we will analyze the material produced by the students as exercise of the previous lesson, then we will continue with the topics of the day.

In the last part of the workshop, with a constructive critical approach, the selection of each student’s work will be examined and defined the possible ways to developed.

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Topics covered

1.    Introduction to photography 2 hours

  • Overview of the history of photography and its evolution
  • Light, our ally
  • Development of the photographic eye
  • Making a “photographic card”
  • Learning immediately from experience (the importance of notes and mistakes)
  • Photography, a lifestyle (e.g. learning to ride a bike)

Exercise LAB 1: Development of the photographic eye

2.     Study of the camera 3 hours

Discussion of experiences

  • The wonder of mechanical functioning and potential of digital technology
  • Differences between cameras (analogue-digital, compact-reflex-mirrorless, amateur-professional)
  • Standard formats (APS-C, Full Frame, Medium Format)
  • Exposure time, Aperture, ISO/ASA
  • Camera controls, main functions and adjustments
  • The light meter and correct exposure
  • In-depth study on “Exposure time”

Exercise LAB 2: Approach to the photographic medium 1 – “Exposure time”

3.     Studying optics 2 hours

Analysis of works

  • Everything starts with the pinhole
  • In-depth study on Diaphragm
  • Types: wide angle, normal, telephoto
  • The importance of the 50 mm lens
  • Hints on mechanics, lens functionality and quality
  • Lens glass composition, surface treatments, sharpness versus softness
  • Creative use of broken/defective/poor optics

Exercise LAB 3: Approach to the photographic medium 2 – “the Aperture” (Diaphragm)

4.     Time of exposure, aperture, ISO/ASA (second in-deep study) 2 hours

Analysis of works

  • ITime and its infinite expressions in photography
  • The diaphragm and its peculiarity of seeing into infinity
  • Depth of field and focusing
  • ISO/ASA, symbol of sensor sensitivity and image “texture”

Exercise LAB 4: Approach to the photographic medium 3 – “The conscious shot”

5.     Read and capture the light 2 hours

Analysis of works

  • Light is our form of “writing”, darkness is our “notebook”
  • The interpretation of light, its colour differences and white balance
  • Choosing light according to need and calibration of camera controls

Exercise LAB 5: Approach to the photographic medium 4 – “the Light”

6.    Photography and its possible applications 2 hours

Analysis of works

  • Photography for amatorial and/or commercial purposes
  • Photography as an expression of one’ s creativity
  • Definition of a personal theme to be developed in photography

Exercise LAB 6: Approach to the photographic medium 5 – “Freedom of expression”

7.    Evaluation and constructive critique of the works 3 hours

  • Group discussion on the selection of each participant images
  • Technical and critical approach to the shots
  • Explanation from mistakes
  • Possible ways

For further information write to: (indicating Name, Surname, telephone number, email and title of the workshop).
Click here for information about the teacher Germano Serafini